A little about us...

Kingston Independent Financial Services are Chartered Financial Planners and were founded in 1999 by Don Faulds who has over 33 years experience in providing financial planning advice. Our goal is to provide a first class service to all clients by fully understanding their current circumstances, establishing their requirements, developing a plan to achieve these objectives and then monitoring progress towards those targets. We have a flexible approach to meeting clients at their place of work, home or at our office whichever is most convenient. Being a small business we take pride in offering an excellent service to both individual and business clients which is based on trust, leadership and professional competence. The business has grown on personal recommendations and Client Testimonials are available upon request.

How we work...

We offer two service propositions:-

1 . To complete a specific project of work

After we establish the amount of work involved to assess, research, make recommendations and implement your requirements we will agree a fee with you before the work is undertaken. This could be based on an hourly rate, fixed fee, commission received or other form of client agreed remuneration. Whichever payment route you choose will be documented in a "Service & Payment Agreement" form provided.

2 . Ongoing service programme

Designed around individual client needs which will involve regular meetings, updates, reviews and discussions evolving as your circumstances change.

A "Service & Payment Agreement" will be established before any work is undertaken in order that you are made fully aware of the level of service being provided and any associated costs.

We offer a Client Fee Based Advise Programme where an initial meeting is arranged on a no obligation or cost basis. During this meeting we will discuss your present position and establish your objectives / concerns / ambitions in the short , medium and long term timescales. This will provide both prospective clients and ourselves with the opportunity to see whether we wish to work together. 

A Strategic Plan will then be drawn up providing you with an overview of your current circumstances and an indication of the financial planning required to meet your objectives. Upon acceptance of this Plan the specific details of all your finances will be obtained and provided to you in a Client Report Summary. An Action Plan will accompany this Report documenting each of the recommendations being made, along with the reasons.  

Once you have accepted the recommendations made within the Action Plan they will be implemented on your behalf and your Client Report Summary updated.

Regular ongoing meetings will be arranged in order that we can monitor the progress of the financial planning and make any amendments as a result of your circumstances or goals . Likewise , any adjustments due to changes in legislation or taxation can be instigated . 

Planning for your future

Planning for a comfortable financial future takes confidence, nothing more. Setting your goals is the first step to success. It gives focus and direction. That's where we can help.

We ask the questions, create strategic plans for your future, give you straight-talking advice and find the right financial solution by:- 

  • identifying your short, medium and long-term goals;
  • clarifying precisely what you want from life;
  • mapping out your route to get there;
  • making easy to understand product recommendations;
  • adjusting your plan during significant life changes.

Being independent we will look after your personal interests. We can search thousands of options to find the most suitable products and services for you.

If you are thinking about creating and putting your financial plan into action, we may consider things you've not. Why not talk it through with us today?

Free Consultation

You can have a free initial consultation. There's no fee, no catch and no obligation on your part.  We can call you to arrange a time that suits you.